Monthly Archive: June 2019


Are you doing or creating?

I often strug­gle to write because I don’t real­ly have an idea of what to say. But if I always wait­ed until I had an idea, I would end up nev­er writ­ing! There­fore, I…


Investor Profiles by Level of Patience

The stock mar­ket is a device for trans­fer­ring mon­ey from the impa­tient to the patient” War­ren Buf­fett Our old pal War­ren is right on the mon­ey. But as in every­thing else in life, there’s…


Your broker is not your pal

Your bro­ker is not your pal. I hold part of my port­fo­lio on an online bro­ker called eToro. eToro is spe­cial among online bro­kers in that users can talk to each oth­er through some­thing…